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A Startup Community

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Limited seats available

Morph House creates the right environment for great people to bounce ideas off each other and generate new opportunities, while at the same time being a place where we are able to have a lot of fun together and enjoy each other’s company.

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We've created a home
for start-ups

Morph House provides the headquarters for Morph Capital and their aspiring start-ups. But it’s more than a headquarters - it’s a physical location where founders and investors work, play, and grow alongside each other.


We put community at our heart, and we’re proud of the friendly, lively environment that we’ve created here, where there are close relationships across the different start-ups, and a supportive environment places companies in the best position for success. 


Whether it’s drinking rose in the sunshine on a Friday afternoon or venting about the latest difficulty over a coffee, the Morph House environment gives a place for great people to bounce ideas off each other, generate new opportunities, and enjoy each others’ company. 


We’re situated directly on the lakes in Copenhagen, making us easy to find and accessible - perfect for commuting, holding meetings or grabbing a coffee to-go for a refreshing walk around the surrounding Sortedam lake. 

Culture & people

We’re currently about 60 people, representing 6 start-ups of varying sizes. We’re a dynamic bunch and there’s a great vibe throughout the house. 


We’ve got everything you need in the house - from your own office that you can decorate as you wish, to communal lounges, meeting rooms, phone booths, lunch service, a kiosk, a gym and lots of outdoor space.

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Meet Thomas: our Office and Community Manager’

Thomas keeps the house running smoothly - both behind the scenes and in the everyday practicalities. From planning social events to helping people come together, he assists every company here and focuses on making sure we have an outstanding community.

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Morph House, part of Morph Capital. Sortedam Dossering 55, 2100 Copenhagen.

Questions? Reach out to our Office and Community Manager, Thomas on

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